M.Sc. Program

General rules for the M.Sc. program in economics are the same as for all the M.Sc. programs offered at the campus of QAU. The following list includes some of the additional rules specific to the M.Sc. program offered by the School of Economics.

  1. The degree program of M.Sc. Economics is completed on earning of 60 required credits.
  2. Each M.Sc. course in the School of Economics is worth 3 credit hours.
  3. The requirements for the M.Sc. degree shall normally be completed within four consecutive semesters.
  4. A total of 36 credit hours are to be earned by passing 11 compulsory courses and the compulsory oral examination, while the remaining 24 credit hours are to be earned by passing 8 optional courses.
  5. Students are required to register in EC595: Oral Examination in their last semester, which in normal cases would be the 4th semester. The Chairperson of the department shall appoint a panel of oral examiners consisting of full-time faculty members. The oral examination of the registered students will be conducted within a few days after the terminal examinations.
  6. Students opting for EC597: Research Essay will be required to defend the essay orally. The Director of the School will appoint a panel of oral examiners consisting of full-time faculty members, including supervisor of the student concerned.
  7. Normally, students will register only in 5 courses (15 credits) in each semester. Any student who registers courses worth more than 15 credits in any semester will have to give a written undertaking that he/she shall be responsible for the consequences of taking extra courses.
  8. After completing courses of the first and second semesters a student can register up to two courses worth 3 credits each (a total of 6 credits) in any department/school of Quaid-i-Azam University other than the School of Economics. Registration of courses in any department is conditional upon approval by the chairperson/director of that department/school and the School of Economics. In any particular semester no more than one course can be registered outside the School of Economics.