M.Phil. Program

The general rules for the M.Phil. program in economics are the same as for all the M.Phil. programs offered at the campus of QAU. The following list includes some of the additional rules specific to the M.Phil. program offered by the School of Economics.

  1. The M.Phil. program comprises of 50 credits hours of coursework and dissertation.
  2. The requirements for the M.Phil. degree shall normally be completed within four consecutive semesters. However, on the recommendation of supervisor and approval by the Advanced Studies and Research Board of the university, extension can be granted for one or two semesters.
  3. A total of 24 credit hours are to be earned by passing 7 courses and the remaining 26 credit hours are to be earned by writing and successfully defending a dissertation.
  4. 4 Courses are compulsory and 3 are optional.
  5. 3 courses are worth 4 credit hours and 4 courses are worth 3 credit hours.
  6. The course worth 24 credit hours shall normally be completed within the first two semesters.
  7. Normally three courses worth 12 credits are to be registered in each of the two semesters. Any student who registers courses worth more than 15 credit hours load will have to give a written undertaking that he/she shall be responsible for the consequences of taking extra courses.
  8. The thesis research shall normally be carried out during the third and fourth semesters.

Linking of M.Phil. with Ph.D. Program

At the completion of M.Phil. coursework the School of Economics may allow a candidate to transfer from M.Phil. to Ph.D. program, provided the candidate has earned at least 75% marks in the entire M.Phil. coursework. This transfer is subject to recommendation by the School of Economics and approval by the Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) of the university.