M.Sc. Theses

MSc thesis0

149Ghulam FareedEconomic Performance under different Government Regimes of Pakistan: An Appraisal and critique2014Amanat Ali
148Huma SarwarImpact of Co-Education on the educational performance: A case study of Quid-i-Azam University2014Dr. Anwar Shah
147Ayesha Khalid
Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: case study of Pakistan2014Dr. M. Tariq Majeed
146Uzaima Qarni
Impact of foreign Aid upon Economic Growth in Pakistan2014Dr. M. Tariq Majeed
145Muhammad Qaisar
Determinants of Educational Performance: A case study of Top ranked university of Pakistan2014Amanat Ali
144M. Safdar Bajwa
Convergence hypothesis in Solow Growth Model: Evidence from SAARC Economics
2014Dr. Waseem S. Malik
143Qurab Ali SharEffect of Aggregate demand and supply shocks on Output and inflation rate: case study of Pakistan
2014Dr. Waseem S. Malik
142Sidra Shaukat
Bilateral J-Curve between Pakistan with her seven trading partners2014Dr. Waseem S. Malik
141Sidra AzizThe Estimation of Philips Curve for Pakistan2014Dr. Waseem S. Malik
140M. Saood TariqFinancial Development and Economic Growth2014Dr. M. Tariq Majeed
139Ammara Javed Inflationary impact of foreign remittances: evidence from Pakistan2013Dr. Javed Iqbal
138Maria Zulfiqar
Does economic freedom determine economic growth? Evidence from selected south asian countries2013Dr. Javed Iqbal
137Samia MananDeterminants of Services sector growth: a conintegration study for Pakistan2013Dr. Abdul Jalil
136Rabbia TariqFiscal Deficit: a major determinant of inflation in Pakistan2013Dr. Abdul Jalil
135Fatima Salim Khawaja
Determinants of Littering: An Experimental Analysis2013Dr. Anwar Shah
134M. Asad Ullah MoaviaAn Empirical Investigation of Twin Deficit hypothesis2012Dr. Muhammad Jamil
133Mohsina NazzarDeterminants of Inflation in Pakistan2012Dr. Mazhar Iqbal
132Mejzgaan OrakzaiExploring the Nexus: Foreign Aid, War on Terror, and Conflict in Pakistan2012Faiz ur Rehman
131Maria Farid JafferImpact of Macroeconomic Variables on Output: a case study of Pakistan2012Faiz ur Rehman
130Faiza KanwalNexus between corruption and regional environmental kuznets curve: the case of south Asian countries2012Faiz ur Rehman
129Muhammad IshaqueEducation, Poverty and Development in Pakistan2012Dr. Azad Haider
128Hafsa SultanMacro-Economic Determinants of Employment: a time series analysis of Pakistan2012Dr. Azad Haider
127M. Haider RazaEfficiency Trends in Pakistani Commercial Banks2012Dr. Azad Haider
126Sana Malik Exchange Rate and Manufacturing Employment in Pakistan2012Dr. Azad Haider
125Amer Ijaz KhanThe Nexus of Economic Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction in Pakistan2012Dr. Azad Haider
124Saadian RehmanBudget Deficit, Money supply and Inflation in Pakistan2012Amanat Ali
123Ayesha ShujahiStock Markets, Banks and Economic Growth2012Amanat Ali
122Asma MusdiqImpact of Remittances on Financial Development Evidence from selected Asian development countries2012Amanat Ali
121Rizwan Gull Determinants of Corruption in Pakistan 2012Amanat Ali
120Sana KhanLink between poverty and macroeconomic indicators: a case study of Pakistan2012Amanat Ali
119M. Adnan MasoodElectricity Consumption and Growth in Pakistan2012Amanat Ali
118Sara Haroon JadoonElectricity Consumption, Employment and Real Income in Pakistan Evidence from Multivariate Granger Causality Tests2012Amanat Ali
117Sana AshiqMicroeconomic Determinants of Poverty in Rural Hazara2012Amanat Ali
116Adeela NawazImpact of Governance on Economic Growth2011Ms. Ayesha Naz
115Syed Hassan BukhariAn Empirical analysis of Wheat Production in Pakistan2011Dr. M. Tariq Javed
114Zaira NajamFiscal Policy and Inflation Volatility: an empirical investigation2011Faiz ur Rehman
113Farwa Basit HafizaThe Short Run and Long Run Behaviour of Public Debt in Pakistan2011Faiz ur Rehman
112Tahira NawazSocio-Economic Impact of Microfinance Institutions in Pakistan2011Dr. M. Tariq Javed
111Atiq-ur-RehmanInflation forecasting in Pakistan: univariate and multivariate analysis2011Dr. Waseem S. Malik
110Ayisha AshrafAnalysis of Gender Wage Gap in Pakistan2011Dr. Muhammad Idrees
109Imran SaeedOil price shocks and Pakistan’s Economy2011Mr. Faiz ur Rehman
108Asma SadafAnalysis of Global Income Distribution2011Dr. Muhammad Idrees
107Imran KhanEnergy and Economic Growth Nexus: a case study of Pakistan2010Dr. Muhammad Idrees
106Gul Andaam OrakzaiMonetary Policy and Exchange Rate Overshooting: Evidence from Pakistan2010Faiz-ur-Rehman
105Ifrah Imtiaz malikThe Impact of Remittances on Education in Pakistan2010Farzana Naheed Khan
104Muhammad ZeshanExpansionary Impacts of Fiscal Contraction: Evidence from Pakistan 2010Faiz-ur-Rehman
103Abdul WaliMeasurement and Distribution of Poverty in Pakistan2010Dr. Muhammad Idrees
102Inam HameedAn Impact of remittances on inflation in Pakistan2009Amanat Ali
101Muhammad Salman SohailOutput, Consumption, Employment and Government expenditure: a survey using pakistan’s data2009Amanat Ali
100Ankasha ArifThe impact of interest rate targeting on exchange rate and inflation: Evidence from Pakistan2009Amanat Ali
99Intikhab AhmadAn empirical analysis of happiness and satisfaction of Pakistan2009Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
98Haider AliLife Cycle Model: Behaviour and issues of private savings in Pakistan2009Amanat Ali
97Sidra MumtazInstitutions as determinants of Economic performance: a panel data analysis of selected south asian countries2009Amanat Ali
96Asad Mahmood BhattiImpact of democracy, political instability and policy uncertainty on private investment in Pakistan2009Amanat Ali
95Muhammad NawazTrade Liberalization and Child labor: a case study of Pakistan2008Amanat Ali
94Muhammad Zaman RanjhaAgricultural Policy and Wheat Production: a case study of Pakistan2008Amanat Ali
93Aamir AzizInstitutional determinants of International Trade: a case study of Pakistan2008Dr. M. Ishfaq
92Rizwana YousafImpact of Foreign Aid on Economic growth: a panel data analysis of Pakistan, Srilanka, India, Philippines and Thailand2008Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
91Memona SirajLabor Standards and Labor Productivity: A Descriptive statistical Analysis2008Dr. Aliya H. Khan
90Amina TabassumEconomic Growth, Income Inequality and Poverty: Panel Data Analysis2008M. Tariq Majeed
89Muhammad Nauman MalikEducation and Gender Dimensions of Household Poverty in Pakistan2008M. Tariq Majeed
88Muhammad NasirDeterminants of Terrorism: A Panel Data Analysis of Selected South Asian Countries2008Amanat Ali
87Faiz-ur-RehmanCorruption, Trade Openness, and Environmental Quality: A Panel Data Analysis of Selected South Asian Countries2008Amanat Ali
86Afaque AhmedFiscal and Monetary Policy Coordination: An Empirical Analysis for Pakistan2008Amanat Ali
85Matee-ur-RehmanDefense Expenditures and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A causality Analysis2008Anwar Shah
84Amna MasoodEducation and Economic Growth: analysis for Pakistan2007Dr. Aliya H. Khan
83Nigah AbbasImpact of trade liberalization on the environmental quality2007Amanat Ali
82Asif javedPolitical risk corruption and foreign direct investment in developing countries2007M. Tariq Majeed
81Arshad AliThe role of remittances in Consumption and Investment: a case study of Tehsil Swat2007Anwar Shah
80Sadia AnwarDeterminants of Suicide in Pakistan: A time series analysis2007Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
79M. Asad ZamanTrade Liberalization and Industrial Growth in Pakistan: a regression analysis2007M. Tariq Majeed
78Saniya KhanThe Behavior of Private Investment: an empirical analysis of Pakistan2007M. Tariq Majeed
77Aatika NagrahInstitutions, Governance and Economic Performance2007Amanat Ali
76Wajeeha BasharatEconomic analysis of the time allocation by mother for childcare: a case study of Rawalpindi and Islamabad 2007Anwar Shah
75Hina IqbalBudget Deficits, Inflation and the balance of payments in Pakistan (1980-2004)2007M. Tariq Majeed
74Zainab IftikharIncome Inequality, Defense Burden, Political Stability and Economic Growth2007Amanat Ali
73S. M. Nabeel-ul-haqueCapturing the effects of Openness on Growth2007Amanat Ali
72Abid MehmoodExports-Led Growth: a demand oriented analysis for Pakistan2006M. Tariq Majeed
71Ghalib Absar Ahmad MinhasThe Dynamics of Seignorage and Inflation in Pakistan2006Dr. Ahamd Nawaz Hakro
70Haadia ArshadTrends of Polarization in Pakistan2006Muhammad Idrees
69Momna ShafiRole of Human Capital in Causing Earning Differentials2006Muhammad Idrees
68Nosheen IqbalReal Exchange Rate Volatility and Exports2006Amanat Ali
67Sobia AslamOn Empirical Definition of Money: a case study of Pakistan2006Amanat Ali
66Rabia FirdousMeasurement and Source Decomposition of Consumption Elasticities in Pakistan: an analysis on micro data HIES for 2001-022006Muhammad Idrees
65Naseem AkhtarThe Impact of Trade Liberalization on Labor Demand Elasticities, an evidence from Pakistan2006Amanat Ali
64Annum SulemanAn Analysis of Inequality, Welfare and Poverty in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh2006Muhammad Idrees
63Tahira JabeenMacroeconomic Determinants of FDI and Economic Growth2006M. Tariq Majeed
62Sadia YousafFinancial Development and Private Investment2006Anwar Shah
61Nadia ZakirA Consistent Time series of income and consumption Inequalities in Pakistan2006Muhammad Idrees
60Zeeshan BatoolStructural Change in the Import Demand Function for Pakistan2006Amanat Ali
59Andleep kaosar JhatialWomen Development and state of social institutions in Pakistan2006Dr. Ahamd Nawaz Hakro
58Raja TabbassamWelfare analysis and its source decomposition: a case study of Pakistan2005Muhammad Idrees
57Madiha KanwalEducation Inequality in Pakistan2005Muhammad Idrees
56Tayaba BatoolDeterminants of Female Labor Force Participat2005Dr. Aliya H. Khan
55Aisha SafdarTax Evasion, Underground Economy and Tax Reforms in Pakistan2005Dr. Aliya H. Khan
54Umme Rabab SyedMeasuring Technical and Scale Efficiency of Banking in Pakistan2005Farzana Naheed Khan
53Muhammad JamilMeasurement and Decomposition of Wealth: a case study of Pakistan2004Muhammad Idrees
52Shahzad SaeedEffect of Devaluation on International Trade : a case study of Pakistan2004Dr. M. Ishfaq
51Waqar Ahmad ‘wadhoIMF Stabilization programs, policy conduct and macroeconomic outcomes: a case study of Pakistan2004Dr. Ahamd Nawaz Hakro
50M. Ahsan AchakzaiMeasurement of Poverty in Pakistan2004Muhammad Idrees
49Abd-ur-Rehman CheemaImport Demand Functions of Pakistan: an analysis of selected commodities2002Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
48Samina AnwarDimensions of Input-Output Relationship in a Mountain Earning System2001Dr. Tariq Javed
47Nazish MansoorSectoral Poverty Profile During 1996-19972001Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
46Sarina Zainab ShiraziRisk, Return and Asymmetric Volatility at the Karachi Stock Exchange1999Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
45Muhammad Ali KemalStochastic Analysis of Reserve and Exchange Rate Movements: The Case of Pakistan1999Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
44Qazi Faisal MohyuddinAn Analysis of Monetary Policy in Pakistan1999-2000Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
43Hammad MasoodEstimating Consumer Demand of Refined Petroleum Products using Time Series Data of Pakistan1999Mushtaq Ahmad Khan
42Shahnawaz MahmoodEstimating the cost and demand structure of Pakistan’s telecommunication industry: an integrated approach1999Dr. Abid Aman Burki
41Saleha ManzoorAn Analysis of Foreign Private Capital Flows to Pakistan1999Dr. Aliya H. Khan
40Marya MalikEvaluation of Primary Education in PakistanDr. Aliya H. Khan
39Omar Masood ButtarExport Concentration and Volatility: A Relationship Based on Stochastic Time Series Model1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
38Muhammad MunirNew Evidence on Money Demand in Pakistan1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
37Asad Bashir BangishMeasurement and Determination of Inflation in Pakistan1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
36Sheena Naz AliPermanent and Temporary Price Variations: A Decomposition analysis based on stochastic Forecasting Models1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
35Ahmad NawazSources of Economic Growth in Pakistan: Some New Evidence1998Dr. Abid Aman Burki
34Hajra BiBiPoverty in Pakistan Estimates from Household Integrated Economic Survey 1992-931998Dr. M. Tariq Javed
33Azhar IqbalDefinition of Money” Liquidity Production Function” Approach1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
32Saima Ahmad AliExchange Rate and Inflation Dynamics 1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
31Zulfiqar Hussain AwanMeasurement and Economic Analysis of Industrial Concentration in the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
30Nadeem MasoodFiscal Policy and Ricardian Equivalence: A case study of Pakistan1998Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
29Amina IsmailProspects of Micro-Credits in Pakistan1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
28Hameed AhmadTax and Non-Tax Revenue Elasticities in Pakistan 1960-951998Dr. M. Aslam Chaudhry
27Nadeem AftabDemand for financial Assets in Pakistan1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
26Usman QadirLong run Relationship between Interest rates and Inflation: An Examination of the Fisher Effect in Pakistan1998Dr. Aliya H. Khan
25Aamir Akbar MitroCropping Pattern and Food Self-Sufficiency in Pakistan1998Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
24M. Ali Shahzad MuzaffarEstimate of Tax Progressivity with international comparison1998Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
23Fatima Sughra NaqviPrivate and public Investment and Economic Growth1997Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
22Kashif NaeemHouse Hold Consumption Pattern in Pakistan1997Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
21Anser SutanSectoral Incidence of Poverty in rural Pakistan with special reference to Agricultural Sector1997Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
20Hamza Ali MalikReal Exchange Rate Behavior of Pakistan for the period 1982-951997Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
19Sadia RafaqatEstimating total Factor Productivity in Pakistan’s Large Scale Manufacturing1997Dr. Abid Aman Burki
18Sobia Raza ShamiTechnical Efficiency of Small Farms in irrigated Areas of Pakistan’s Punjab: A Stochastic Frontier Approach1997Dr. Abid Aman Burki
17Muhammad Asim NoorConcentration and performance of the manufacturing Industries of Pakistan1997Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
16Jahangir AfsarDynamic Aggregate Private Expenditure Function and its Determinants in Pakistan1997Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
15Jawad Majid KhanForeign Capital Inflow, Savings and Investment in Pakistan1997Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
14Maliha HashmiDeprivation and the Structure of Urban poverty in Pakistan1996Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
13Gulshan TabassumFactor Effecting savings in Pakistan1996Dr. Aliya H. Khan
12Saima ShafiqueEvaluation of Eighth Five year Plan1996Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
11Asaf AkhtarManufacturing Industries and Employment Functions1996Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
10Najeeba ZiaDeterminants or Dropouts at School Level in Pakistan 1981-951996Dr. Tariq Javed
9Faeyza KhanRole of Emerging Markets in Risk Diversification with special reference to Pakistan1996Dr. M. Tariq Javed
8M. Adeel MalikForeign Direct Investment, Its determinants and Impact on Economic Growth1996Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
7Naveed Ahmad KhanRural Poverty in Pakistan1994-96Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
6Hassan Muhammad MohsinPrice Response of Major Agricultural Crops in Pakistan1994-96Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
5Sheher Bano MasoodNon-Governmental Organizations and Women’s Development1994Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
4Uzma AfaqiThe Informal Sector of Pakistan: A Survey1991Dr. Abid Aman Burki
3Abdus Sami KhanRelative efficiency of small over large scale manufacturing sector in Pakistan1991Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad
2Sunniya DurraniThe International Monetary Fund Stabilization Packages in the Context of Pakistan1989Dr. M. Ali Chaudhry
1Tehmina TalatCredit creation and the effectiveness of monetary controls1987Dr. A. R. Kemal