Ph.D Theses

PhD theses

27Abdul SattarFiscal theory of price level: evidence from Pakistan2014 Dr. Waseem Shahid Malik Co-Supervisor Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
26Amtul HafeezJoint force participation decision ans wage determination of husbands and wives in Pakistan2013Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
25Farzana Naheed KhanMeasuring intertemporal elasticity of substitution in import demand: evidence from Pakistan2013Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
24Tahir MukhtarAn intertemporal approach to modeling the current account: evidence from Pakistan2012Dr. Aliya H. Khan
23Faisal JamilEssays on Electricity demand in Pakistan2012Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
22Rummana ShahEconomics of Education in Pakistan: A Multiperspective Analysis2012Dr. Aliya H. Khan
21Muhammad Ali BhattiStock Market Volatility at Karachi Stock Exchange: A Firm Level Analysis2011Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
20Shabbir AhmadThe Effects of Financial Sector Reforms on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Pakistan2011Dr. Abid A. Burki
19Shahid Mansoor HashmiBankruptcy Risk, Macroeconomic Environment and Investment Behaviour in Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan2011Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
18Muhammad AkbarModeling and Econometric Analysis of Pakistan Economy2011Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
17Muhammad ZakariaTrade Liberalization and Economic Performance of Pakistan: A Macro-Econometric Analysis2011Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
16Lubna ShahnazHousehold Time Allocation for children and their interaction with adult labour evidence from Pakistan.2011Dr. Abid Aman Burki
15Sabahat AnwarThe Economic and Demographic effects on housing tenure choice in Pakistan2011Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
14Badshah NawabImpct of the incidence of federal taxes and public expenditures on income distribution2010Dr. M. Tariq Javed
13Bushra YasmeenLabor market outcomes of trade liberalization in Pakistan: an empirical investigation2010Dr. Aliya H. Khan
12Verda ZakaHuman Capital and Growth: Evidence from Selected Developing Countries2010Dr. Aliya H. Khan
11Malik Sajid ManzoorEnvironmental Regulations in the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan and their impact on consumer welfare: A CGE Approach2010Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
10Syed Amjad Ali ShahApplication of conventional, Real Options and Game Theoretic Tools for Evaluation of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Contracts2010Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
9Adiqa Kausar KianiProductivity and Efficiency in the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan 1970 – 20042009Dr. M. Tariq Javed
8Attiya Yasmin JavidEmpirical Investigation of Asset Pricing Models: an analysis of Karachi Stock Exchange2008Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
7Ijaz HussainMeasurement, Decomposition and causes of poverty in Pakistan2008Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
6Nasir MahmoodSecurity analysis and optimum portfolio formation : A CAPM approach Karachi Stock Exchange 1998-20032006Dr. M. Tariq Javed Co-Supervisor Dr.Eatzaz Ahmad
5Muhammad IdreesAn analysis of income and consumption inequalities in Pakistan2006Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
4Shabib Haider SyedEconomic analysis of Crime, Punishment and Deterrence: an empirical investigation for Pakistan2006Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
3Mohammad IshfaqAid Effectiveness, Debt capacity and Debt management in the Economy of Pakistan2004Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
2Syed Nisar Hussain HamdaniReligious orientation as a factor in time allocation: Evidence from cross section Pakistan data2004Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad
1HimayatullahEconomic analysis of post harvest farm level wheat losses in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan1994Dr. M. Ali chaudhary