BS Program

The BS Economics degree is designed to provide a broad spectrum that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. The general rules for the BS program in economics are the same as for all the BS programs offered at the campus of QAU. The following some of the additional rules specific to BS Economics offered by the school of Economics.

  1. The program of BS Economics will be of four years duration, equally divided into eight regular semesters excluding summer sessions.
  2. The first three years are devoted to introduction of all key areas of economics and some courses from related disciplines to broaden the thinking perspective and vision of the students.
  3. The final year is focused on mastering the skills in one of the four available specializations.
  4. The degree program of BS Economics is completed on earning of 130 required credits.
  5. 42 Courses are worth 3 credit hours and 2 courses are worth 2 credit hours.
  6. Each regular semester shall be spread over eighteen weeks, 16 weeks for teaching and two weeks for preparation and the conduct of examinations.
  7. The progress of the student shall be monitored in each semester on the basis of his/her academic performance in the semester as measured by the number of courses passed and Grade Point Average (GPA).
  8. Summer session (if offered) provide opportunities to the students who fail or withdraw from a course and those who wish to improve their GPA to qualify to the next semester.
  9. In summer session (during semester break), a department/school/institute may offer at least one intensive session of 48 contact hours with courses of its choice.
  10. The student can register for up to two courses during summer session. However, grade improvement would not be allowed in more than four (4) courses during the entire study program of studies.
  11. A student is required to take 15-18 credit hours coursework per regular semester however; the chairperson/director of the department/school/institute may allow a maximum of 21 credit hour coursework in one semester on the approval of the Dean.