Volume: 01,      Number: 02,     Winter – 2018

  1. Do Real Effective Exchange Rate and its Volatility Really Matter for Trade Balance in Pakistan? An Empirical Investigation by Dynamic Causal Connection. Munir Ahmad and Rana Ejaz Ali Khan   (download – 1)


  1. Export Performance of Pakistan: A Co-Integration Analysis with World Commodity Prices. Amina Malik and Muhammad Tariq Majeed    (download – 2)


  1. Impact of Monitoring Mechanism on Mode of Payment in Corporate Merger and Acquisitions in Pakistan. Yasmeen Akhtar and Attiya Yasmin Javid   (download – 3) 


  1. Impact of Infrastructure and Institutional Quality on Industrial Sector of Pakistan. Shehnaz,  Kaleem Anwar Mir and Tayyaba Idrees    (download-4


  1. Impact of Trade Liberalization on Employment, Poverty Reduction and Economic Development. Tariq Mahmood Ali, Adiqa Kausar Kiani and Muhammad Hafeez     (download – 5)