Volume: 5            Issue: 2            Winter – 2022

Re-Examining The Relationship of Tourism, Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Environment: A Case Study of South Asian Countries

Ayesha Naz and Amina Tariq

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Socio-Economic Exclusion of NCDs (Non-Communicable Disease): A Case Study of Cancer

Maria Qubtia, Mussadiq Yaqoob and Fatima Sharif

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Impact of De Facto and De Jure Aspects of Economic, Social, and Political Globalization on Economic Growth in the Selected Developing Countries

Umbreen Zahra and Babar Hussain

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Prevalence Of Malnutrition in Children: Economic Perspective and Policy Analysis

Muhammad Abdullah Asrar Mirza and Amena Urooj

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Women’s Empowerment in Context of Socio-Economic Elements: A Contextual Investigation of Central Punjab, Pakistan

Hafsah Batool and Muhammad Afzal

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