Volume: 6            Issue: 2            Summer – 2023

Factors Influencing Household Saving Behaviour Across Urban and Rural Households in Pakistan

Umer Khalid

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Examining Participation and Time Allocation to Non-Market Household Agricultural Production in Pakistan

Sidra Yaqoob, Amtul Hafeez, Lubna Shahnaz Umer and Muhammad Abubakar

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Exploring the Socio-Economic Aspects of Personal and Organizational Values in Pakistan

Henna Ahsan & Ahsan Mahmood Ghumman

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Unveiling the Nexus between Planned Behavior and Financial Stress: Insights from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Azhar Mehmood, Sabahat Subhan and Amtul Hafeez

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Unveiling the Dynamics of Bank Liquidity: Exploring the Impact of Bank-Specific and Macroeconomic Factors in Pakistani Commercial Banks

Sheheryar Khan, Waqar Khalid, Naveed Hussain Shah, Anum Zahra,Muhammad Bilal Khan

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