• Original theoretical contribution in various fields of economics
  • Sharing the knowledge of academicians, researchers and practitioners.
  • Bridging the gap between academic research and Industry research needs.

The Pakistan Economic Review is an international peer-reviewed research journal which publishes papers within the diverse discipline of economics. The journal is concerned with the link between the real and financial sides of the economy, forecasting and recent developments in econometric techniques applicable to financial research. The Journal also applies theory developed from business research to actual business situations.

PER welcomes papers that are empirically oriented but such work should have solid methodological foundations based on realism and pragmatism rather than on idealism. Critical analysis of economic, business and finance issues from both the heterodox viewpoint and the neo-liberalist viewpoint, in orthodox tradition, are equally encouraged.

The journal seeks scholarly research on important development issues, with a particular focus on development dynamism and a leaning towards inter-disciplinary research. Contributions which make use of the methods of mathematics, statistics and operations research will be welcomed, provided the conclusions are factual and properly explained.